New Allotment

Some of the children spent their weekend helping a school governor, Lyn Cattlin, to gather 'muck' to dig into our new allotment!  Nasty job, but someone had to do it!!
Parents, children and governors helped with the first allotment dig on a sunny day in January.  More weekend digs are planned and classes are beginning to plant seeds in school in preparation for planting later in the year.  So far sweet peas and potatoes have been prepared.
The second allotment dig happened over the weekend and much good work was achieved by children, staff and volunteers.  Photos of the second dig are shown below:
Sam, Ben and Lily’s mum came into Class 3 to help the children to design plans for the new school allotment. She told the children about the types of plants that would be best to grow in our soil and in our environment and the children discussed what we could do with the produce once it has grown.
In June 2008, Class 2 visited the allotment to weed around their onions!