The Eco Club

In the summer of 2007 a new Eco Club was set up at Branscombe School. The children have already been very busy helping to make the school a more eco friendly environment.

So far they have:

  • had a talk from a composting expert and set up a compost heap and wormery
  • successfully written to ‘Lakeland’ to ask for donations of compost caddies for each classroom
  • planted butterfly attracting flowers
  • carried out a litter collection
  • carried out a school waste audit
  • helped to plan the sustainability lunch

Scrappy Workshop

The Class One members of Eco Club discussed green issues and exercised their creative skills during a workshop run by Global Action Plan. They discussed where paper comes from and what we do when we have finished with it. They then set about delving into the scrap paper boxes to find bits to make and decorate colourful notebooks.
Village Eco Day

On Thursday 4th October 2007 members of the school Eco Club were able to visit an Eco Exhibition that was being held at the Village Hall. The pictures show the Eco Members learning about solar power through gadgets like the wind up radio and a hat with a fan. There was also a solar tube that heats water. The children also saw an electric powered car, an electric powered van and a people carrier that runs only on bio-methane made from the by product of chocolate making from a factory in Somerset.

The children also enjoyed looking at their own display about the Branscombe School Eco Club.
Sustainability Lunch

A very successful lunch time took place to highlight to the children the number of food miles their lunches travel. The children who have school dinners worked with Dylan, our lunch time assistant, to calculate the number of miles the food had travelled and which countries the ingredients had travelled from.

The children who have packed lunches tried to bring lunches with zero food miles, in other words where all ingredients had been produced locally. The children and parents did really well with the task and lots of children succeeded in have a very low food mile lunch! Bethany in class 3 brought a lunch where everything had been produced on her own farm!