Autumn - National Trust

Apple Picking Day

The children were happy to help with picking apples again this year
Investigating the local stream with the National Trust 18th November 2015

This week, Class 2’s monthly adventure of outdoor learning with the team from the local National Trust involved investigations which brought together our Geography work on rivers with our Science work on living things and habitats and also some of our Maths work, finding an average measurement.

First, we visited the stream by the village hall. We considered the factors that might affect what lives in the stream and did some stream-dipping. We used a classification key to identify some of the creatures we found, such as water crickets, mayfly nymphs, shrimps and water worms. Some of us also measured the depth and flow rate of the stream. We had to take several measurements and find the average.

After that, we went on a “River and Stream” scavenger hunt, looking for features such as a meander, ford, tributary or confluence, as well as observing different ways in which the water is used by people. We observed that the water flows faster on the inside of a bend and tends to erode the bank there, while it flows more slowly on the outside of a bend and tends to deposit sand and rocks there. We had a lot of fun while we also developed our vocabulary and understanding.
Campfire - October

During our October National Trust session the children learnt how to start a camp fire.