Anglo Saxon Experience

Anglo-Saxon Experience at Escot - 25th November 2016

As part of their learning about the Anglo-Saxons in the “Invaders and Settlers” topic, the children visited a mock Anglo-Saxon village at Escot, where they were able to learn about a variety of activities in the everyday lives of Anglo-Saxons. They visited the blacksmith and helped to make brooches and rings, they worked with the woodworker to craft bowls and ornaments from wood, they chopped firewood, ground flour and dressed up in Anglo-Saxon clothes. Some children helped to cook some tasty Anglo-Saxon recipes, while others explored the different types of housing that might have been found in Anglo-Saxon villages. All were struck by the smoky interiors! On such a cold day however, it was good to experience how much warmth could be found around the fireplace in the middle of the home. And one or two even experienced Anglo-Saxon punishments, such as being put in the stocks! It was a wonderful opportunity to learn through experience what life might have been like in an Anglo-Saxon village.