Autumn - National Trust

National trust session in May

Class 1 became leprechauns and fairies and made a big map using found natural materials. They also made magic wands.

To set the scene…. “Children, you have woken up this morning here in the orchard as tiny fairies! We must be very careful not to crush flowers – food of fairies. We don’t know how long we will be here – we must explore the area and look for things that will help us all to survive until we are rescued. We will make the map wheel from sticks and each fairy must explore their segment and bring back samples of helpful things”
In May Class 2 took a trip to the beach, gathering natural materials to make journey sticks along the way. At the beach Tony Lambert - Jurassic coast ambassador, gave a talk about local geology.
The children continue to enjoy regular days with The National Trust. They have planted trees and hedges, sown seeds, made popcorn, learnt about Bats and much more. Tree planting, seed sowing, popcorn making. The sessions are providing the children with valuable experiences as well as good learning opportunities and they seem to be getting a lot out of the sessions.
The children have really enjoyed their monthly sessions with the team at the local National Trust office in Branscombe.  They have had some lovely sessions on the beach and doing Forest School activities.