Beach School - June 2017

Beach School - 19th June 2017

As part of their Summer Term topic “Water and the Environment”, in which they were considering the impact of humans on the world around them, Class 2, led by Claire Graysmark, took part in a “Beach School” session investigating the impact of litter on the beach. First, the children collected litter from a section of the beach. They then sorted the litter according to the materials it was made from. The children completed a quiz to help them consider how long it might take for different items to disintegrate on the beach or in the sea. Back at school, they drew bar graphs to show the amount of different types of litter they had found and compared this with the rubbish back at school. Having further investigated the impact the litter might have on wildlife, they then designed posters advising people to dispose of their litter appropriately and explaining some of the dangers of littering and the harm it can do to the environment and to local wildlife.