Beach School May 2017

Class 1 Beach School – 8th May

On Monday 8th May, pupils in Class One enjoyed their first beach school session of the summer term.  In line with their work on houses and homes, the children participated in a variety of activities designed to get them thinking about the sea and indeed the seaside, as a habitat or home to a variety of creatures and plants. First, the children went on a ‘signs of life’ hunt, scouring the beach for evidence of what might be living here, before comparing their findings; they discussed the shells, seaweed and even fossils that were collected. They then thought about the seas and oceans around the world, sharing their prior knowledge of life in the deep and drawing pictures of animals and plants that they were already aware of to put in a ‘mini ocean’.  After listening to some sea themed stories they worked as a team to create a collage using the natural resources around them.