Beegu Drama

The children in Class 1 have been developing their skills of inference when reading our class book ‘Beegu’. They enjoyed completing a ‘deep dive investigation’ to think carefully about just one page of the book: When the teacher removes Beegu from the playground. Looking closely at the illustrations and the text the children were asked to think about questions including: What do you think Beegu is thinking at this point? What do you think the teacher is thinking? Why is she doing this? What about the children? What are they thinking?
The children then used drama to recreate a freeze frame of this part of the story. They were asked to show clearly the emotions on their faces as they thought about how their character might be feeling at this point.  They enjoyed hot seating each other at the front using a microphone to answer questions as they reflected on their photos when displayed on the whiteboard. They were challenged to think about why they acted in that particular way, how they were feeling and what might happen next. Using this learning the children were able to write short paragraphs from the perspective of their favourite character, retelling the events of the day.