Branscombe Village Walk

Class 1 went for a walk around Branscombe and became ‘detectives’-  looking for clues about the past and the present to find out about changes that have taken place in Branscombe over the years. This was linked to the History/Geography topic  ‘Street Detectives’ and also with the Art unit of work - ‘Creating collages of local landmarks and landscapes’ this term. This memorable experience helped them to engage with the new topic and provided them with a lot of questions, which they prepared for Barbara Farquharson - a local historian,  to answer when she visited the class.

They were provided with a simple map showing a specific route for them to follow and they enjoyed taking photographs of each street on arrival and looked out for the different features of each street, such as trees, a post box, a church, a playground or shop, finding these on their map. They enjoyed thinking about the people needed to work in and look after the local community, and how the environment might have changed through the years. The children were amazed by how old St Winifred’s church is and enjoyed hearing about the reason why it is tucked away amongst the hills - to stay hidden from Viking invaders.