Buddhist Monk

One of our foundation governors arranged for the children to have a very interesting visitor into assembly recently.  His name was Venerable Vinita and he was a Buddhist Monk who lives in the Hartridge Monastery near Honiton.  Sandi, our governor, had discovered the Hartridge Monastery when a friend took her there to a Sunday meditation.  You can go there for visits including picnics in the grounds.
Click the link for more information: http://www.hartridgemonastery.org

Our children now have a link with a school in Thailand. There are thousands of Buddhist monks in Bangkok so it is part of the everyday life of the children there. There are many temples, monasteries and even a university where the novice monks study. Many, many people in Thailand are Buddhists and therefore very calm and accepting which is why the recent riots have upset so many of them so much.