Celebrating Shabbat

Class 1 had a lovely time recreating the Jewish holiday, Shabbat as part of their RE topic on Judaism. Some children chose to wear their smart clothes and whilst they were getting dressed Mrs Finn had help from the rest of the class who busily swept the classroom after lunch, making sure it was clean, just like Jewish families do on a Friday evening to prepare for Shabbat. They then helped lay the table and practised blessing the Shabbat candles and challah loaf.  The boys pretended to be the male members of the family by blessing the ‘children’ and then we all took part in Kiddush, which means holiness,  and is the prayer over wine (Ribena!) that sanctifies Shabbat.


This memorable experience will help the children with their written task, where they will be using  the structure of the text,  ‘The Chinese New Year’, to then write an information text describing Shabbat.