Christmas Events 2007

Christmas Play – ‘Nothing Ever Happens ‘Round Here’

In December Class one and two performed the Nativity play ‘Nothing Ever Happens ‘Round Here’.

There were two performances to which parents and villagers were invited.
Christingle Service

In December the school joined with the Parish for the annual Christingle Service. Class One created a nativity tableau at the front of church while Class Three told the Christmas Story.

Children in the school who play musical instruments accompanied various sections of the story.
Christmas Lunch

Our annual treat took place again this year courtesy of Pauline one of our classroom assistants. With her team of helpers she cooked the whole school a delicious Christmas Dinner. As well as children and staff we also invited the parents of the Year 6 children who will be leaving us in July. Dylan, who usually serves our lunches at school, was also invited so that we could wait on him for a change!