Class 1 Beach School Autumn 2017

Class 1 Beach School

In the first Beach School session of this academic year the children learnt about food that is farmed from the sea. With the help of Claire, the children thought about the life of a fisherman, and the journey of seafood to plate. They looked carefully at the body of a fish caught locally, before talking about colour, texture and the function of the different body parts. Following this they cooked a mackerel over the barbecue, and whilst waiting to sample the fruits of their labour, scavenged on the beach for flat pebbles and driftwood to make their own plate of fish and chips! It had been a stormy weekend before their Beach School session and the pupils had the chance to see the rare sight of a Portuguese Man of War Jellyfish that had been washed up on the beach. Back in the classroom they made their own jellyfish with craft materials and play dough.