Class 1 National Trust October 2016

National Trust - 17th October 2016

Following our visit to the orchard in September, the children in Class 1 have been inspired to look for and take care of creatures both great and small in the school grounds and at home. As a consequence they requested that for our next workshop with The National Trust we returned to the orchard to complete further work towards this aim. The children thought long and hard about what they could do successfully, within the limitations of both time and budget, to help local wildlife, before finally settling upon making bug hotels. So on Monday 17th October, pupils pulled on their wellingtons and zipped up their coats to trek back to the orchard to meet the team. The morning began with some games that helped the children to gain a better understanding of food chains – an important aspect of our current science topic. Following this the children hunted for bugs and used a key to identify which types of minibeast they had found. They were sure to handle the creatures with care and to return all creepy crawlies to their finding spots! This helped them to think about the types of places that bugs like to live, the materials that they would use in their own constructions and where they would place them.