Class 1 Science - Materials

The children in Class 1 have been learning about the properties of different materials in their Science lessons. They have enjoyed playing various games to develop their understanding of the different properties that a range of materials possess. A recent favourite was ‘Feely Bag’: In this game the children chose a secret object and were asked to describe its as clearly as they could so that their peers could make a reasonable guess as to what they were holding. Miss Harvey-Jones was really impressed with the children’s use of accurate Mathematical and Scientific vocabulary as they gave their friends clues about the shapes and textures that they could feel.
Following these games the children used their learning to compare two objects, observing and recording similarities and differences – initially a pair of objects that were made of the same material, and following this a different pair of objects made from differing materials. They then played ‘odd one out’ to think about how different objects can be classified. The children were then challenged with a bigger variety of objects that were all made of the same material to complete an open-ended investigation in which they thought about different ways that they could sort the objects in classification hoops, labelling these and taking photographs of each way that they sorted.