February Ready Steady Write Day

Ready Steady Write Day - 23rd Feb 2017

The theme of the Jubilee Federation’s ‘Ready, Steady, Write’ day on 23rd February 2017 was the nursery rhyme, “The Grand Old Duke of York”. The Key Stage 2 children from Farway joined Class 2 at Branscombe for the day. Having begun the day by reciting and re-enacting the events of the rhyme, the children then investigated a range of theories regarding who the “Grand Old Duke” in the rhyme might actually have been. Since the three candidates they investigated were from three different periods of British History, they then investigated the development of weapons and armour through British history. Next, the children considered the practice of using heraldry to identify knights on the battle field and they each designed and painted their own coat of arms. Finally, the children took turns to take on the roles of reporters or those involved in the battle and interviewed one another, before writing a newspaper article about the events of the battle.