Feet of Green

In May 2008 Alan Chambers MBE and Peter Herbert will lead what is aiming to be the largest ever British Polar expedition focused on education. They aim to cross one of the world’s largest glaciers and bring their experience to the classrooms of the United Kingdom and beyond.

As one of the main objectives of the project is to focus the attention of young people on the fast changing global environmental challenges that we face, our eco club was keen to be involved. We are now working closely with Peter Herbert in the run up to the expedition.

He visited school early in February and showed Class 2 and 3 the equipment he will take and they tasted some of the food he will eat when he is on the ice. We hope that once the expedition has started we will be able to communicate with Peter via satellite phone.

For more information please see the Feet of Green website www.feetofgreen.com.
Peter Herbert from Feet of Green visited the school again in March to allow the children to sign the inside of the sledge which he will take with him on his expedition across Greenland.  He also demonstrated how the satellite phones will allow him to communicate with the school when he is on the ice.  Whilst he was at the school the BBC came to film him with the children.
In June 2008, after he had completed his successful expedition across Greenland, Peter Herbert visited school again to tell us about his journey.  He had telephoned us via satellite phone during his trip too which had been very exciting for Class 2.  When he returned the BBC filmed us once again.