Gardening at the School

At the end of April the children were helped by two volunteers to brighten up the front playground. They planted pansies, petunias and the like into pots around the playground. They also planted a passion flower and clematis to grow up the playground fence.

Children in class 2 will be particularly keen to follow the progress of the passion flower as they learnt about the flower's story as part of their Easter Topic.
The robin is known as "The Gardeners Friend". Robins do a good job for the gardener - when you consider as many as 140 small grubs will be fed to each chick per day. Nearly 2,000 will be collected over two weeks!! One of the traditional pictures of the tame robin shows it perching on a gardener's spade. Why does it do it so often?

The answer is simple: the robin's preferred feeding technique is to use a low perch to survey an area and then fly down and take any prey it sees. The handle is an ideal perch. Add this to the presence of the gardener, turning the soil and exposing such useful food as earthworms and other grubs - heaven for any robin.