Ghana Talk

Global Neighbours - Ghana
As part of our Global Neighbours project, Class 1 have been learning about the similarities and differences between life in Ghana and the UK. The children were lucky to touch primary sources such as jewellery, wooden games, cocoa pods, flip flops made from tyres, hand made clothing and natural materials used for sweeping. This has provided the children with a greater awareness and understanding of where Grace, the child our school sponsors, lives.
Later in the term the school had a visit from Sue Kirby (Mrs. Finn’s Mum!) as part of our Collective Worship, to share with us her stories and experiences from her visit to Ghana.  We were introduced to the types of clothing worn, food eaten, school tradtions and were able to compare our life in the UK with life in Ghana.  We now have much more of an appreciation of where Grace, our sponsored child lives and how her life may be similar and different to our life in Branscombe.