Harvest 2017

On Sunday 17th September 2017, following a successful (if a little soggy) Branscombe community Harvest fair on Saturday 16th, many of the families from Branscombe CE Primary School attended the annual church Harvest celebrations at St. Winifred’s church. The theme of this year’s service was ‘Community’ and so the children of Class One acted out an amusing retelling of the story of the Little Red Hen, which was their first Literacy text this year. The congregation was reminded that in this story, the title character is certainly not aided in her efforts by the rest of her community. In contrast, the children of Class 2 had reflected on all the various people who play a part in helping to bring food to our tables and took this as their theme for the Harvest prayers, their contribution to the special service. Their prayers concluded with an exhortation that in contrast to all the characters in the ‘Little Red Hen’ story who were so unhelpful, each of us remember to be thankful and support and do our part to help.