Honiton Community College Science Lesson

The children in Class 2 had a very exciting science experience recently when they visited Honiton Community College and enjoyed a science lesson taken by Simon Maplesden.  Max in Year 4 said: ‘When we went to Honiton Community College to have a science lesson we discussed the properties of materials such as whether they conduct electricity and whether they are magnetic.  The teacher put gas into a mixture of water and washing up liquid and put the bubbles on Curtis’ hand and set fire to the bubbles, which showed us that because the bubbles had gas in them they were very flammable.  It was so exciting that I want to go back to the school right now.  In the last experiment Mr Maplesden put ethanol into a plastic barrel and then put a match near the end of the barrel and it ignited, it makes the sound of a jet engine taking off.’