Pupils from Branscombe Primary were invited by the Diocesan Education Office to lead everyone in prayer at the Cathedral Service for Church Schools in January 2010.

Autumn, Ella, George and Natasha carried out their readings with confidence and enthusiasm and have been highly praised for the clarity and accuracy with which they spoke by a range of people, including Bishop Bob. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for representing our school at this important event,

The readings are printed below:
Lord God, Let us give thanks today for all those people who have chosen to care for and work with children.

For teachers, tutors and lecturers, we give thanks Lord and pray that they continue to be encouraged and respected in their role.

For caretakers, administrators, teaching assistants, meal time supervisors and all those who help to make our schools run smoothly we give thanks. Help us to appreciate their dedication and work. Thank you for our school governors. Give them the strength to make wise choices to move our schools forward.

We offer our thanks Lord to all those who work in education within the church. To Sunday school teachers, Youth group leaders and preachers. Help them to continue to inspire us to grow in your love and faith.

We pray especially today for everyone working in the Diocese of Exeter; Bishops Michael, John and Bob, the clergy and those working in the Children and Young People’s team. May they continue to spread your good word throughout our schools.

We thank you Lord for our parents, carers and grandparents and all those who give us support, encouragement, and love. Give them the strength to lead us by your word and example in the path of righteousness.

Today Lord, we pray for peace throughout the world, and an end to suffering. We pray, particularly, for the victims in Haiti who have lost children and loved ones in the recent devastation. Comfort them and grant them the strength to continue.

We share with you today our Branscombe Waves,

Dear Lord God,

Help us to be kind caring and loving.
To be honest, be hard workers and do our best,
To be friendly, have fun and play well together
And to be respectful.

Praise and bless all those people here today who play such a big part in our lives and help us to be grateful for all their efforts. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.