Map Making in Branscombe

Map-making in Branscombe

As part of their ‘local area’ Geography topic this term, the children of Class 2 have been working on their Geography field work and map-making skills. First they walked around the village, taking photographs, drawing sketches and measuring distances with a trundle wheel. Then, they drew maps of Branscombe Village using aerial photographs as well as their memories of the walk. Next, they had a go at drawing a ‘sign post’ map from the school playground, focusing on the direction and distance of different places in the village.

Having discussed vocabulary relating to different land uses (residential, industrial, agricultural, recreational and commercial), the children used different colours to colour-code a map of the local area to show different land uses. They discussed how these maps, which largely showed agricultural uses of land, might look different in a rural area like Branscombe to an urban environment like Exeter City Centre, which might be largely commercial, or even a suburban area where it might be largely residential or industrial.