MSC Napoli

The beaching of the MSC Napoli near to Branscombe has had a huge impact on the whole of our community. As well as the amount of visitors coming into the village to see the ship and the cargo that was washed ashore we have also had to get used to many officials and emergency services being present in the village on a daily basis. The school had to close for two days because of the congestion and the children are naturally worried about the environmental impact and the dangers to birds and wildlife.

However, despite the inconveniences, the children have also had some exciting opportunities because of the incident. They have appeared on BBC Newsround and ITV Westcountry as well as being in various local papers. The Express and Echo newspaper have set up an on going section of their website dedicate to the MSC Napoli incident. This will contain all the photographs that the newspaper's photographers have taken of the ship and beach and also shows a photograph of our children using the website to help with their topic work!

As it happened, this term’s topic for the Key Stage Two children is about "The Environment and Recycling" and so the children have a first hand experience to base many of their studies on.

Class 3 Poems

PowerPoint Presentations

Pupils at the school were asked to create PowerPoint presentations about the MSC Napoli - some of these presentations are listed below:


Village Art Exhibition

The school has recently taken part in the Village Art Exhibition by putting up a display in the entrance hall to the Village Hall. Class 1 created the work which was inspired by the moods, textures, tones, colours and feelings the children observed as they came to terms with the Napoli and how it affected Branscombe and school life.

The work is a starting point which the class hopes to extend and explore further in printing and textiles.

Working with St Peter’s School Exeter

Class 3 helped out the Geography Students of St Peter’s School in Exeter.  The older students were completing a project on the impact of the Napoli.  They spent a day in Branscombe looking at the MSC Napoli and then visited school to talk to some of our pupils to find out how their lives were affected by the grounding of the container ship.


In Young Engineers’ Club some of the children created a model of the MSC Napoli using the K’NEX equipment.

Beach Clean

Once the beach was reopened to the public some of the children, along with local residents, helped to pick up some of the remaining litter during one windy weekend in April.