Napoli Anniversary

Napoli Anniversary Project - January 2017

In January 2017, Class 2 at Branscombe CE Primary School celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the grounding of MSC Napoli in Branscombe bay in 2007 by undertaking a special week-long local history project. As part of this project, the children investigated the events of January 2007. Working in teams, they took on the role of reporters. First they created ‘incident boards’ to collect pictures, information and quotes, using a range of sources including interviews with eye-witnesses, photograph albums and archives and video interviews made at the time by local historians. The children then visited the beach and filmed interviews with one another at the scene of the events, before scripting and filming their own news reports back in the classroom. While at the beach, the children also completed a collaborative piece of environmental art, using only what they scavenged from the beach, to commemorate the anniversary. They also completed their own collage picture of the Napoli. As they were finishing this, some of the children were filmed and interviewed by a local television news team. 

Later in the Spring Term the children's work was part of the Branscombe Project Exhibition in the Branoc Hall.