NSPCC Number Day

To celebrate the NSPCC Number Day, the children of Branscombe C of E Primary school contributed to fundraising to support the NSPCC and dressed up as rock stars, in keeping with our Times Table Rock Stars focus. The day provided a great opportunity to remind the children of the NSPCC message to ‘Speak Out and Stay Safe’. In all, the children raised just over £30 for the charity.

During the day, as well as using the Times Table Rock Stars website to practise and improve their recall of times table facts, the children enjoyed exploring numbers in a range of ways. In Collective Worship, the children of Class 2 were fascinated to learn about the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio and the Golden Rectangle and to see how omnipresent this sequence of numbers is throughout nature. The children of Class 1 also explored this famous sequence of numbers by calculating the first 10 or more numbers in the sequence and colouring pictures based on the Fibonacci spiral. Meanwhile, the Reception children spent time exploring how many small things they could fit into a matchbox, counting them carefully and matching the amount to numerals.


Class 2 also enjoyed playing with numbers. The Number Day video lessons encouraged them to carry out a range of investigations, exploring patterns with numbers. The children were challenged to write a number quiz which enabled the presenter’s puppet friend to show off by answering a range of difficult Maths questions, despite the fact that the only number he knew was the number 10. The children were able to engage in this activity at a range of levels, from simple number bonds, to addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals and even some more complex algebra in Year 5 and 6! In another activity, the children explored how to work systematically to ensure that they had found all the possible solutions to a particular problem (such as how to add three digits to make 10).


The children were enthused by these opportunities to explore, play and just have fun with numbers and number patterns, while simultaneously raising money for a fantastic cause.