RAF Visitor - Ralph Cox

RAF Visitor Ralph Cox 

As part of their focus on the theme of ‘RAF 100’, marking 100 years since the beginning of the RAF in 1918, the children were delighted to receive a visit from a local former member of the RAF, Mr. Ralph Cox. Ralph brought pictures and medals to show the children, including a very special medal that had been awarded to his uncle following the war. He told the children about his own experiences over the course of his career as a communications engineer in the RAF and answered the children’s questions. Several times during the afternoon, the children were challenged to use atlases and maps to locate some of the many places around the world where Ralph had worked, from Penang in Malaysia, to the Falkland Islands – they spotted a bit of an island theme! It was a fascinating and inspirational visit and we are very grateful to Mr Cox for agreeing to share his memories with the children.