Ready, Steady, Write - Hey Diddle Diddle

Ready, Steady, Write 

On Friday 23rd February, our latest "Ready, Steady, Write" themed day, the children explored the nursery rhyme, "Hey Diddle, Diddle". Having generated questions about the rhyme, they imagined different stories behind the events described (eg. Why was the cow jumping over the moon?). Then, the children completed a range of activities linked to the rhyme, creating mobiles for Miss Harvey-Jones’ to hang in her nursery, painting ‘story stones’ to use in retelling the rhyme and using a range of materials to create a cow that would jump over a moon! The children then worked in groups to act out a ‘freezeframe’ from a news story about one of the events, while the Year 6 children took on the role of TV news reporters to explain their stories. Later,   Class 2 explored the style of written newspaper reports and wrote a report about one of the stories, while the children of Class 1 were challenged to take on the role of one of the characters and write a recount of the events in the form of a diary entry. Some of the older children in Class 2 were challenged to create the front page of a newspaper, presenting a range of different reports about the different characters or objects in the rhyme.