Ready, Steady, Write Day

Ready, Steady, Write 

In November 2019, for the latest of their termly ‘Ready, Steady, Write’ days, the children of Branscombe C of E Primary school focused on the local folk song, ‘Widecombe Fair’. Having watched and sung along with various videos of the famous folk song being sung, the children were challenged to find out more.

The Class One pupils found out more about what happens nowadays at Widecombe Fair, by watching a range of videos, looking at photographs and reading on the website. They then made posters advertising the fair, before writing letters to Tom Pearce, asking to borrow his mare to visit the fair.

Meanwhile, the Key Stage 2 children investigated some of the ways the different characters of this story have been represented in Art. In particular, they looked at the work of local Dartmoor-based artist Will Young, who specialised in making models of the characters in different poses. The children each chose one of the characters and wrote a character profile of what they imagined that character might be like, before creating their own clay models of these characters. Finally, the children wrote and shared stories of what their chosen character might have got up to on their day out at Widecombe Fair.