Ready Steady Write Day May 2017

Ready Steady Write Day -  19th May 2017

The theme of the Jubilee Federation’s “Ready, Steady, Write” day on 19th May was the nursery rhyme, “Incy Wincy Spider”. Class 2 at Branscombe were once again joined by the Key Stage 2 children from Farway for a day of investigating spiders. The children began by making puppets of the spider, the spout, the sun and the rain, to support their recitation of the rhyme. They discussed the changes in the weather in this rhyme, linking this to their current Science and Geography work. In keeping with this term’s focus on life cycles in Science, the older children investigated and presented the life cycles and features of different sorts of spiders, while the lower key stage 2 children found out more about where spiders might be found. Then, the children went on a spider-hunt, investigating a range of different locations as far as Branscombe beach. Finally, the children presented what they had learned. While the younger children wrote a diary recount from the spider’s point of view, explaining what had happened, the Year 5 and 6 children were challenged to write an explanation of the life-cycle of a spider using both formal and informal “voices” in their writing.