Space Crash!

When the children in Class 1 entered their classroom after the Christmas break, they were shocked to discover a rather dramatic crash scene, including a broken rocket and mysterious handprints with six long fingers, next to a path of glittery footprints!
Amongst the debris the children uncovered a variety of interesting objects such as space dust, gloop, crumpled foil, springs of coiled wire and a collection of sparkling space rocks from distant planets. They acted as detectives to investigate the properties of these materials  and also interview staff and children across the school in their attempt to find out just what had happened on the morning of Wednesday 8th January 2020.
They drew pictures of the crash site and added speech and thought bubbles to their pictures to describe how the alien might be feeling or thinking before they wrote an incident report for Mrs Gray. Following orders from above, they made informative and eye catching posters to advertise the missing alien, asking for help from the public to return it to school so that they can help it to get back home.
Following this they designed and made their own model spaceships and rockets using a variety of junk materials; investigating different ways to make and join their structures using taping, gluing and tying and exploring ways of making a structure sturdier so that it could stand alone. They were also given time to make spacecraft and rockets using construction kits and the Mathematics resources!
Later, they imagined that they were the alien or aliens who have crash-landed in the school grounds and used their bodies and a range of facial expressions to show how the aliens might feel and move when performing their alien dance to appropriate ‘space’ music or sounds. In Art and Design the children created ‘planets’ by blowing paint across the page watching the effects that they created and the colours mixing to produce new shades. We can’t wait to find out where our investigation takes us next!