Summer - Hagbane’s Doom

The children performed the play “Hagbane’s Doom” at the village hall for an audience of family and friends. The play is a story of three children who enter a magical kingdom and help the animals there to defeat the evil powers that control it. It is a complex play, requiring each of the 17 children in Key Stage 2 to learn a considerable amount of dialogue and pay attention to cues.

Key Stage 1 were also recruited to play non-speaking parts and support the cast. The play included ten songs, some of them sung as solos, duets or trios and ended with a rousing rendition of the final song “Freedom Calling”. The play was followed by the presentation of the Records of Achievement to Year 6, the Citizenship and “Spirit of Devon” trophies, awarded to Kieron and Felix respectively and a gift from the families of children leaving the school this term.