Summer - National Trust

June 2015
Ruby (from the National Trust) had organised a treasure hunt for each class, Class 2 used compasses to find their way to each marker while Class 1 had to follow instructions and use a map. Class 1 finished the session with a tea party, and badge making. They all had a wonderful time.

Class 1
Class 2
Class 2 Iron Age activities

In keeping with this term’s topic work on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, Ruby organised a range of outdoor “Iron Age” activities for the children. As well as visiting Branscombe forge to see how iron can be heated, melted and forged into a range of shapes, the children cut and stripped willow branches. Having lit a fire, they put some pieces of the stripped Willow into a tin and put this in the fire to make charcoal. We learned that the wood needed to be heated without too much oxygen. Flames came out of the holes in the lid of the tin and when these stopped, the charcoal was ready. We will be using this in future Art projects.

In addition, the children learned to twist the bark they had stripped from the willow branches to make cordage, which they made into bracelets and necklaces. They also sawed and drilled discs of wood to make pendants, decorated with charcoal. Finally, the children toasted marshmallows and made popcorn over the fire. It was a fun-filled afternoon of outdoor learning and we are really grateful to the National Trust for all the effort, imagination and care they have put into organising this and other similar days this year.
July – Class 1 Rockpooling
Class 1 went rockpooling on Branscombe beach. They found a number of creatures, including several crabs.