Visit to Lyme Regis

Trip to Lyme Regis


On Friday 7th July 2019, the Key Stage 2 children travelled to Lyme Regis to visit the Dinosaurland Fossil Museum in support of their Science learning this term about fossils. The children enjoyed exploring the museum in groups. In the process of locating the answers to questions on a quiz, the children learnt about how the birth of Earth 460 million years ago and the evolution of plants and animals from the pre-Cambrian era through to the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and beyond. The children were then able to explore a huge collection of different types of fossils, as well as visiting the museum’s Natural History room to see the skeletons of some of the creatures that might be imprinted on fossils of the future. Many of the children enjoyed sketching some of the fossils they saw and produced some wonderful sketches.


After a picnic lunch on the beach, the children had the opportunity to search for fossils themselves. While just a few fossils were collected from the beach, the children also found larger examples that they could not bring away. They also had the opportunity to explore coastal erosion further, in support of this term’s Geography work. The children considered how they might build defences to prevent erosion and modelled some of these in plastic trays, using the natural resources they found on the beach.