Wassailing Fun! 

On a Monday in late January, people walking through the Branscombe orchard were treated to the sight of the school children, staff and parents upholding a traditional village celebration as the school held their annual 'Wassailing' celebrations. Several of those passers-by even stopped to join in! This year, the children chanted rhymes to plead with the apple trees to bear a good harvest. Class 2 had learned some traditional Wassailing rhymes from different parts of the country, which were recited with great gusto. Meanwhile, Class 1 had written their own poem about the different ways they like to eat this versatile fruit through the seasons. The school sang songs, including the school's own Wassailing anthem. Then, the assembled children banged pots, pans and other instruments to chase off any 'bad spirits' that might hinder the growth of a good harvest. This year's king and queen of the Wassail led the procession and completed the tradition of placing toast soaked in the Wassail cup by the base of the trees. Following these celebrations, the party returned to school to partake of the Wassail cup (a warm mixture of apple juice, other juices and spices) and a range of apple-based treats, provided by generous parents.