World Book Day 2017

World Book Day - 2nd March 2017

In celebration of World Book Day, Branscombe CE Primary School this year adopted a nautical theme. Children were invited to dress as nautical story characters. There was a whole range of characters, some from famous stories and others more generic characters such as pirates, mermaids and sailors. The children of Class 1 collaborated to write stories involving the characters they had dressed as. The children of Class 2 who had, prior to the event, conducted a survey of people’s reading preferences, processed and presented this data. They then held a debate to decide whether, if they had to lose one kind of book, they would choose to keep fiction or non-fiction books and overwhelmingly voted to keep the non-fiction books as they contained real facts from which they could learn about the world. This was surprising, in view of the popularity of novels as the favourite choice of reading material!. In the afternoon, the children were divided into mixed-age groups and completed various water-themed activities involving books. One group used atlases to investigate the world’s oceans and seas, another group completed a Science investigation linked to the story “The Mousehole Cat”, investigating the most waterproof material to make a coat for Tom the fisherman and the final activity involved painting a “porthole” picture of a favourite water-based story.