Fire Safety Talk

The children were visited by a fire safety officer. Class 1 learned actions to help them remember the importance of switching off, turning off, unplugging electrical items and not touching things like matches or lighters. They practiced the ‘Stop, drop and roll’ routine to know what to do if their clothes caught fire. They also learned about the importance of making a fire escape plan with their family and how smoke alarms can save lives but need to be tested at least once a month. The children in Class 2 were reminded of these key messages and also looked a little more closely at some of the main causes of fires. They learned about the different roles of the fire and rescue service, how to call the emergency services, using ‘What Three Words’ to describe an exact location, and keeping calm and answering questions when they call. They also talked about how dangerous hoax calls can be and they were instructed that if a friend were to suggest making a call like this, they should say no but also tell an adult. The children each took home a bookmark to remind them of the key messages and a questionnaire to help them share these messages with their parents.