Remembrance Day

As is traditional in Branscombe, the children of the primary school led some reflections at the war memorial by St. Winifred’s church to mark the occasion of Armisitice day on 11th November. The children had composed and read out their answers to questions, asking When do we remember? Where…? What…? Who…? How…? and Why…? The children then sang and performed the song, ‘Peace, perfect peace’ accompanying their singing on a range of tuned instruments. This was followed by the traditional two minutes’ silence, after which the children read prayers they had written and then placed a wreath of poppies at the memorial and planted crosses bearing the names of the soldiers from the parish who had died in the two World Wars.

For the wars that have been started;

For the times we have hurt people, with our words or with our actions;

For the times when our attitudes to others are not as loving as they should be;

God of grace, forgive us, we pray.


For the friends and family we love;

For the times of peace and celebration we are able to enjoy with them;

For those who have bravely fought, and even given their lives to protect others;

God of love, we give you our thanks.


For the people of Ukraine and Russia;

For all those around the world living in the midst of war;

For refugees and those who have been made homeless by wars;

God of comfort, bring peace, we pray.


For those who are grieving;

For all who have suffered loss and sorrow;

For soldiers who have been hurt or damaged by their experiences - physically, mentally or emotionally,

God of healing, bring your comfort, we pray.


Help us, Lord, not to be greedy and selfish;

Help us to prize peace above our wants and desires;

Help us to show love and compassion to those who need our help;

Help us to be friendly, forgiving and faithful, ready to apologise, ready to care.

God of power, be present in our lives, we pray.