Little Explorers are a very busy and exciting group of children to be a part of!

Our priority, at Branscombe CE Primary School's Foundation Stage Unit,  is in ensuring that we provide the very best for each child in our care because we know that the first years of a child’s education are the essential foundations to their future success and welfare.  


Our Foundation Stage Unit, catering for 2-5 year old children, provides age appropriate activities, centred around the Early Years' Foundation Stage and with a strong emphasis on free play, whether it’s in our main activity room, our specific messy learning areas or outside in our purpose built outdoor area, field and garden. By ensuring that each child’s development is closely monitored and carefully extended, and that our programmes and the experiences that we provide everyday build on the children’s specific interests, we ensure that each child flourishes in their time with us.


Our experienced teaching team ensures that all children are happy and stimulated, enthused and engaged in a wide range of learning experiences that encourage creativity and imagination. We are happy for children to be wearing nappies and will support them through the potty training experience.  


We are confident that our Foundation Stage Unit is not only a very busy, but more importantly, exciting and inspiring setting to be part of, the basis of this being in our philosophy that there is a big wide world out there waiting for us to discover. Our 'Little Explorers' expect their learning journey to be one full of adventure and ‘hands-on’ exploration so we appreciate the value in getting out and about making the most of our grounds, and our village -  playing, exploring and having fun. Through visits and visitors we increase their knowledge of the world through personal experiences and investigation, discovering how things work and why they happen. Having so many beautiful and exciting places to visit everyday right on our doorstep, our location means we are lucky to be able to learn and play in a variety of environments; natural, scientific and historic including regular forest and beach school sessions. Led by a highly qualified team with a high staff ratio we are able to ensure supported attention and individual development.



These are some of our favourite experiences so far this year:

  • We have explored the Old Bakery and had scones, and watched the blacksmiths at work in the forge.
  • We have played in the orchard, collected apples and pressed them to make juice. We enjoyed tasting lots of different types of apples that we bought from the shops!
  • We went a-wassailing with the rest of the school! 
  • We have visited the Mill and been fishing in the stream. 
  • We found the sundial on the Church and looked at the stained glass windows. 
  • We had a lovely time in the Millennium Garden looking at the different statues and unusual pheasants!
  • We’ve had picnics at the beach and on the field. 
  • We made a giant fish on the beach. 
  • We like to collect treasures on the woodland walks. 
  • We’ve been busy planting vegetable seeds and flowers in our new vegetable plot, in the allotment, in the tubs around school and even in the garden in preparation for the school gardening competition! It’s hard work caring for our leafy friends!
  • Using our own cooker, we have enjoyed weekly cooking and tasting sessions. We have baked many delicious things from apple pies and rhubarb crumble to cheesy spiders and hot cross buns! Everybody tries what we make as we learn more about our likes and dislikes, and healthy living. 
  • And of course… being part of the school, we are always part of celebrations and events including Class Outings, Pancake Day, May Day, Sports Day, The Summer Production, Harvest and Christmas Nativity to name just a few!

We open every day of the week and children from 2 years of age are very welcome. Why not come and see if we are the right pre-school for you by joining us for a ‘Come and Play’ taster session? Please contact us on 01297 680339.