The Branscombe Project

The Children regularly do exciting work in connection with the Branscombe Project. This project has been going for eleven years. It is a community based project and is interested in all aspects of village life - past and present. It's been involved in recording oral histories, field walking and archaeological excavations. Every year it puts on an exhibition in the Village Hall.

The school was very grateful this year to be asked to be involved with the project and produce some work for the exhibition. We were asked to do some research about the school in years gone by. We invited local people who had attended the school themselves when they were children to come and visit. The children had made cakes to offer the guests and had written some questions they wanted to ask. Before the event the children had practised their interview techniques on each other so that they were fully prepared for the day!

When the visitors arrived they were taken on a tour of the school by the children. It must have looked very different from when they were pupils themselves, especially as we now have an 'upstairs'. The guests were then taken into a classroom and were interviewed by a couple of children each. We had taken the school log books and registers out of the record library in Exeter. The past pupils had a lovely time looking through the old books to find their names and the names of their family and friends.

The children are looking forward to presenting their findings in a variety of interesting ways for the exhibition display.