Children's Behaviour

As part of the review of the school Behaviour Policy (see policy page) we asked the children and parents for their views. A majority of the school community felt that a ‘team point’ system would be a positive reward system and would encourage the children to work together. One parent suggested that the teams could be rewarded with a trophy in assembly and this could be designed by the children and made in the Village Forge.

A competition was set up for the design of the trophy and Phoebe drew the winning design, shown below. The design was based on a coil of rope. She said that strong teams work together well just like the strands in a strong rope.

The trophy was made by Andrew Hall at Branscombe Forge.

The school council chose the names for the four new school teams. To carry on the rope theme they decided on the names of four knots which, as we live near the sea, gave the reward system a nautical theme which seemed appropriate.

The four teams are:
  • Clove Hitch Team
  • Reef Knot Team
  • Figure of Eight Knot Team
  • Bowline Team
The children work really hard together to gain points and they enjoy finding out the winning team during each weekly sharing assembly.

Photographs of the manufacturing process at Branscombe Forge are shown below with a photo of the completed trophy: