Community Fund

A few years ago the children set up the Branscombe C of E School Community Fund. A member of the Alliance and Leicester Building Society came to the school and told the children how interest on the money in their account will help it to grow! Each year the children organise special fund-raising events and the money raised is put into the building society account.

Throughout the school year if any adult or child feels that help is needed anywhere in the world, a school meeting is called and they agree whether to send money and how much. They may decide to send £100 to a disaster appeal or buy a bunch of flowers for someone in the village who is poorly.

The school is very proud of its Community Fund and even had a book published about their work!

On Friday June 23rd the children came to school dressed in a 'football theme'. Some were players, some supporters, a few footballers' wives and one referee! The children were raising money for the Community Fund so they paid for the privilege of not wearing uniform for the day. At playtime the children sold Healthy World Cup Muffins to add to the funds.