Waste Audit

In July 2007 we held our first Waste Audit working out how much waste the school throws away in a day and looking at what waste could be reusing or recycled instead of going to the landfill.

In April 2008 we held our second Waste Audit to see how successful we had been in carrying out our waste action plan. We had made fantastic progress on compostable waste - our system of compost caddies in the school, which Eco Club members empty into the compost bin in the field, is really working. We also made good progress on paper towels after a campaign to get everyone to “Shake then Take” just one paper towel each time they dry their hands. But we had actually gone backwards on paper waste despite putting into place a system of reusing and recycling paper.

One new sort of waste came up – bread and toast crusts from the Breakfast Club. We have already installed a bird table to deal with some of this waste.