Composting and Wormery

The children were delighted to be able to set up a Compost Heap to help with their environmental ventures within the school.  The composting expert that visited school showed the children how to set up the compost heap and wormery.  The children will be using this wormery for many years to come!
Class two, who set up and look after our composting system, had a good look for minibeasts in the compost bin.  They found lots of worms, and learnt interesting facts about worms, such as it’s not true that if you chop a worm in half it will survive, although it will complain of "a bit of a headache".
Class one, who look after our wormery, had a visit from West Country Worms.  They learnt all about worms, how to look after them and then they set up a new wormery for Beer Primary School.