2014 Eco Club

In 2014 our teaching assistant Sasha Jones re-established the eco club. In a short space of time they have:

  • Made paper bags out of old newspapers which were given to the post office to give out
  • Set up the ‘shake and take’ scheme again
  • Made bird feeders from old plastic bottles
  • Taken part in the Big Bumblebee Discovery Survey
  • Scavenger hunt around the school
  • Minibeast hunt
  • Decorated and sold bags for life to encourage re-using bags instead of plastic carriers
  • Organised a Waste Free Lunch.
An award scheme was set up and the following children have achieved awards:

Bronze – Rhys, Izzy, Tabitha, Ismay, Connor, Aggie, Felicity, Ronja, Molly, Jamie, Meggy, Daisy G

Silver – Freya, Max, Daisy F, Lola, Taliesin
Waste Free Lunch