Autumn - Ready, Steady, Write

We have recently celebrated our first "Ready, Steady, Write" day. These days, which we hope to make a regular feature of school life, are an opportunity for children to explore and write about a particular theme, which will usually be based around a familiar rhyme or traditional story. This week, in preparation for the weekend's celebrations, we looked at the traditional rhyme, "Remember, Remember the 5th of November".

We explored the theme in the morning in a variety of ways, using drama, discussion and activities. In the afternoon, the whole school sat down to write - staff and governors included. The writing the children produced was therefore completely independent. They embraced this challenge with enthusiasm - although some of them complained that they would like to have written for longer!

We ended the day with a special sharing assembly, in which the children were able to read their work and talk about the day. We also enjoyed hearing some of the staff read their writing.