Chinese New Year

The children in Class 1 have been investigating Chinese New Year. Having first looked at a PowerPoint and video to learn the story of the 12 animals of the zodiac and to find out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world, they have thoroughly enjoyed exploring a range of learning opportunities laid out for them to explore this celebration further, whilst practising a range of cross-curricular skills.
Some of these tasks have included using multiplication (KS1) and addition (EYFS) to draw and colour a dragon in Maths as well as using shapes to make dragon pictures, reading and following instructions to make a paper lantern in Literacy, making and using our own Chinese drums in Music, writing Chinese numbers in the sand and painting Chinese symbols for the 12 animals of the zodiac to develop our fine motor skills, exploring noodles with tweezers in the sensory tub and painting paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling to develop our hand eye coordination and gross motor control. What a lovely day we all had!