Class 1 National Trust September 2016

National Trust - 20th September 2016

On Tuesday 20th September, Class One took a walk to the orchard where they met the team from The National Trust by the apple trees for their first workshop of the academic year! The children enjoyed collecting the fallen apples and thinking about all the different treats that could be made using the produce. This got the children thinking about their learning to date from their current theme ‘A Carnival of Animals’ and their science topic ‘Seasonal Changes’. They had many questions that they wanted to find the answers to, for example: ‘What do animals eat?’ and ‘How do they get food in the winter?’ Having spotted many different birds in the local environment, the children were keen to ensure that the smaller of the species had plenty of food to fatten them up ready for the colder months ahead of us. They spent the rest of the morning using a variety of different materials to design and make their own unique bird feeders that were able to hold both loose bird seed as well as ‘fat balls’. The children learnt about the importance of the content in their feeder being high energy and nutritious if they wanted their treat to be popular, attracting plenty of garden and wild birds.