October Ready Steady Write Day

Ready, Steady, Write Day - October 2016
The focus of the Autumn Term Ready, Steady, Write day was the story of Noah's Ark, which both classes have been learning about in their RE lessons this term. The day began with the children acting out the story, some playing the parts of Noah and his family and others playing the parts of the animals. There was some discussion about how it might have felt on the Ark and Miss Moss made a rainbow, using Skittles and warm water...

Then, the children chose from three activities: making model animals from play dough, painting pictures of their chosen animals or weaving a rainbow. Later the children worked in their classes to discuss the story further and then wrote in role as one of the characters from the story. Class 1 wrote diary entries and Class 2 planned and wrote a story about one of the animals and what happened to them on the Ark. At the end of the day the children had the opportunity to share their artwork and writing and also talked about the Learning  Powers they had used: the perseverance of tortoises, the absorption of beavers and the imagining of the unicorn.