Wow Wall!

Here is a piece of work from Grace in RE this week that we think is a great example of Spider 'Making Links' behaviour. She was asked to identify what Jesus' commandments had in common with the ten commandments and then to research a Christian charity and write a couple of paragraphs to explain to Christians why they should donate to this charity, making links with the Bible passages we have already explored this term in our exploration of 'How can following God bring freedom and justice' which included the story of Moses, the Ten Commandments and Jesus commandments in Matthew 22.  We thought she did a great job to make links with the Bible passages. 
At the start of February the key learning behaviour in Class 2 is 'Noticing'. Here  are some examples of noticing from Grace and Tom comparing our two key texts in our current Literacy sequence.
Learning Behaviours success from Annabelle